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1st Five - Healthy mental development in the first five years

Healthy mental development in the first five years

1st Five Success Stories

Where to Go for Help When a Child's Disability is Overwhelming

A family in Polk County was referred to 1st Five for parental stress and possible depression. The 1st Five care coordinator made a home visit to the mother to discuss the family's needs. The mother admitted feeling overwhelming stress and depression related to caring for a severely disabled child. The 1st Five coordinator referred the mother to a family support program in her area that will provide in-home counseling and parent education and case management services. Additionally, the 1st Five coordinator accompanied the mother on a visit to Child Serve to discuss available options for respite care. The family was also able to apply for and receive food assistance, Medicaid, and holiday assistance. The 1st Five coordinator was able to provide ongoing emotional support and communication assistance to this mother to encourage her to follow through with referrals, something that is more difficult for busy medical practices to do.