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1st Five - Healthy mental development in the first five years

Healthy mental development in the first five years

1st Five Success Stories

Parental Stressors

A 2 month-old female was seen by her primary care provider who identified parental stressors and was referred to 1st Five. Initial phone call revealed that an interpreter was needed and InterpreTalk was utilized. The main stress for the mother was obtaining child care for 3 children when this single parent worked from 1:30 PM to 10:30 PM. Contacts were made with outreach programs at the YWCA, with DHS and Child Care and Resource and Referral to identify ways to assist the family. The language barrier continued to be of concern but with YWCA Hispanic Outreach and InterpreTalk, correct information was given to the mother. In addition, it was determined that the mother was eligible for DHS reimbursement for child care and steps were taken to assure this financial assistance was obtained. The mother states she is very happy with the new approved day care provider and is relieved to know that child care financial assistance is in place. She has assured the 1st Five Care Coordinator that her needs have been met and that she feels confident and grateful for the care being provided for her children while she is at work. She denied other needs and was discharged from 1st Five with the understanding that she may contact the program as needed if and when other concerns arise.