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Asthma Prevention

Asthma has no cure, but it can be controlled. The majority of problems associated with asthma, including staying in the hospital, can be prevented if asthma is managed properly. Effective management includes:

  • control of exposure to known asthma triggers,
  • proper management of prescribed medication,
  • continual monitoring of the disease, and
  • patient education in asthma control.
  • The most effective ways of preventing asthma at home are decreasing dust, cleaning up mold and controlling pet dander.

People can also take steps to help protect their health from air pollution. They should:

  • know how sensitive they are to air pollution,
  • know when and where air pollution may be bad,
  • plan activities when and where pollution levels are lower, using the Air Quality Index to guide planning,
  • change their activity level,
  • keep quick-relief medicine on hand when they're active outdoors, and
  • follow an asthma self-management plan with the help of their health care provider.

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