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Childhood Lead Poisoning Tracking

Since 1992, the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) has required that the results of all blood lead testing done on Iowa be reported to the lead poisoning prevention program. Laboratories must report the following information for each blood lead test: name, address, date of birth; whether the test is capillary or venous; the name and address of the provider that ordered the test; the name and address of the laboratory that conducted the analysis, and the blood lead test result.

Based on the blood lead test results IDPH conducts child-focused case management (referrals for nutrition evaluations and home nursing and when these referrals are completed), and address-focused case management (addresses that are inspected for a specific case of childhood lead poisoning, when each address is inspected, whether hazards were identified, and follow-up actions to assure that lead-based paint hazards are remediated).

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