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Posted: Tue, 15 Apr 2014 08:08 CDT
Category: General Health

Iowa to Implement Electronic Death Registration System

Statewide System to improve speed and accuracy of death reporting

The Iowa Department of Public Health will implement Iowa’s Electronic Death Registration System April 21 in an effort to increase the speed and accuracy of death reporting across the state.

“The new registry will provide better service to physicians, hospitals, funeral homes and other parties who are working on the same case,” said Jill France, chief of the Bureau of Health Statistics. “This will ultimately provide Iowa families faster and more efficient service by being able to provide a death certificate more quickly.”

Iowa’s Electronic Death Registration System will now allow reporting parties to electronically ‘sign’ death certificates. This eliminates the previous practice of mailing original paper copies between providers, state administrators, and county registrars. The electronic system also interfaces with the Social Security Administration to report a death, which can speed the issuance of benefits to survivors and provide increased accuracy of information.

“With the new system, family members can request a death certificate at any county recorder’s office, and not just in the county where the death occurred or at the state office in Des Moines,” explained France, “which leads to better service for Iowans.”

For more information on Iowa’s Electronic Death Registration, please visit the Iowa Department of Public Health’s Bureau of Health Statistics at:


Contact Information: Shaela Meister at (515) 330-7840

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