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Posted: Fri, 04 Oct 2013 09:25 CDT
Category: General Health

Iowa Health Information Network Extends Across State Borders

The Iowa Health Information Network (IHIN) has made the leap across state lines to connect with our regional partners and their e-Health efforts. The IHIN, Illinois Health Information Exchange (ILHIE), Missouri Health Connection (MHC), and Kansas Health Information Network (KHIN) are using a federally developed standard to securely send clinical information between connected hospitals and clinics, including lab reports, referral letters and clinical summaries.

“These connections are leading the way to improved care for patients who cross state lines for medical care,” said Iowa e-Health Executive Director Kim Norby. “This is an exciting step forward to ensure patients receive care when they need it and where they need it, whether in Iowa, or just across the border in another state. We’re pleased to be connected with Kansas, Illinois and Missouri, and look forward to future connections with other states.”

Direct Secure Messaging, which sends encrypted emails and attachments between participating providers, saves the time and effort of faxing documents back and forth, contributing to better coordinated care for patients. Henry County Health Center in Mount Pleasant was the first health care facility in Iowa to go live with a full IHIN connection. Genesis Health System, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, and Mercy Health System have also signed participation agreements to use IHIN services, though the dates for their full IHIN connections have not yet been determined.

Iowa e-Health is leading an effort to build the IHIN, a safe and secure system giving treating provider access to patients’ vital medical information, when and where it is needed most. For more information on Iowa e-Health and the IHIN, visit

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