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New Public Health Administrator Series from the Heartland Center for Learning Management

Description: This series of 12 courses has been derived from a series provided by the state of Iowa and adapted for Missouri, although it would benefit any new public health administrator around the country.

Courses address topics including general agency management, grant writing, contracts, critical thinking, human resources, general public health knowledge, etc.

Competencies Addressed:

Council on Linkages between Academia and Public Health Practice

• COL COM 3A 2. Communicate proficiently

• COL FP 7A12. Participate in contract development

• COL FP 7B13. Negotiates contracts and other agreements

• COL FP 7C14. Approves contracts and other agreements

• COL PHS 6A 4. Identify the basic public health sciences

• COL PHS 6B 4. Applies the basic public health sciences

• COL PHS 6C 4. Applying Basic Public Health Services

• COL PP 2A 5. Describe public health laws

• COL PP 2C 7. Ensures programs are consistent with laws and regulations

• COL PP 2C13. Integrates emerging trends

Course Duration (Hours): 10-15 Hours

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In order to view this session, you will need to log into the Learning Management System (LMS). Attached is the LMS User Guide to help with navigating the system. Please use ONLY Internet Explorer versions 9 or earlier (IE) for accessing the LMS. If you have login problems and/or use an Apple computer, please contact the Heartland Centers LMS Support Team at

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