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Grant Writing Process: Post-Submission Tips

The Grant Advisors offers a list of ten tips on what to do once a grant has been submitted.

  • Documentation: Maintain a copy of the online grant submission verification e-mail. Online glitches do occur, so submit the proposal at least a day before the deadline. This leaves time to contact the agency the next day to ensure the proposal was received.

  • Spread the word: Contact congressional offices, program officials and partners to let them know about the submission. Send everyone a copy of the submission and discuss their roles.

  • Congressional support: Ask the congressional staffers and business partners to submit letters of support for the program. This shows successful congressional outreach and planning and interest from the business community.

  • Initial call: A call from an agency or foundation to clarify information, definitely improves chances of success. Don’t get too certain, however, but make sure you answer all questions thoroughly.

  • Honesty is the Best Policy: Don’t panic when the agency or foundation calls, but answer the questions honestly. The agency may lower the proposed budget amount, but not significantly.

  • Don’t Rest: Prepare more submissions. Try to send applications to a mix of private and federal opportunities.

  • Research: Look for like-minded types of opportunities. For instance, homeless funding opportunities are available at many federal agencies, not just the Housing and Urban Development Agency. Other possibilities are the Administration for Children and Families at the Health and Human Services Department and Rural Development at the Agriculture Department.

  • Mark Calendar: Keep informed about when funding decisions will be made. Most solicitations now provide an anticipated time when awards will be announced.

  • Keep in Contact: Call or e-mail the program official, if allowed, a week or two after the submission. They tend to be helpful in providing updates on the process.

  • Maintain Positivity: Keep calm if a proposal isn’t funded, and see it as a learning opportunity. Contact the program official to gather insights on the weaknesses and strengths of the proposal. If a federal agency, make sure to ask for a copy of the reviewer’s comments.

For more information visit The Grant Advisors website.

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