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Foundation Funding Tips

Foundations are increasingly proving their own list of grant tips for grantseekers to submit top-notch submissions. New York City’s Alfred P. Sloan Foundation offers a list of very helpful tips on its website.

The foundation makes grants to support original research and broad-based education related to science, technology and economic performance and to improve the quality of American life.

Universal tips include:

  • Read Bourne & Chalupa’s 10 Simple Rules for Getting Grants
  • Avoid rhetoric and hyperbole. Illustrate with real instances or examples.
  • Be specific about outputs and outcomes. The proposal should explicitly state expected practical, tangible outputs (number of students whose training or careers are affected, data collected, scientific papers produced) and outcomes (new knowledge an institutional strengthening).
  • Be clear about management. Who will do what jobs and who will have what responsibilities, obligations and powers?
  • Make constructive use of milestones to the extent applicable (for example, include a schedule of events over time indicating when certain things should be accomplished or happen).

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