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Investing in What Works for America's Communities

A new book has hit our bookshelves of interest to you, Investing in What Works for America's Communities: Essays on People, Place and Purpose. This comes from The Federal Reserve Bank and the Low Income Investment Fund of San Francisco but the content is applicable across all communities. The book focuses on communities and what works to improve and strengthen community life and population health status.

Each chapter is a different essay by a national leader and provides us some great guidance for our own community development initiatives. A chapter written by Kathleen Sebelius and others identifies five focuses for building strong communities. A chapter on community development explores human development including building health and educational systems that serve population needs. A third chapter of most relevance to us is about assessing health effects of community development and describes health improvement measures for community programs that take decades to show impact of initiatives.

This book is available and can be downloaded here.

Hard copies can be ordered here.

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