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AMCHP-CDC Skills-building Suite: Evidence-based Practice: Moving along the Continuum from Selection

Recent years have brought an increased focus on the value and necessity of investing in programs that demonstrate evidence of producing desired outcomes. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), for example, authorized funds that enabled many Title V programs to implement evidence-based programs related to key maternal and child health (MCH) issues such as home visiting and teen pregnancy. Yet, translating research to action, “taking what works and using it”, remains a common challenge for MCH programs.

To provide on-going support for “taking what works and applying it”, AMCHP, in partnership with Community Guide staff at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), hosted the AMCHP-CDC Skill-building Suite: Evidence-based Programs: Moving along the Continuum from Selection to Sustainability.

This three-part virtual workshop is designed to increase state MCH program capacity to better understand evidence-based programs, dialogue about opportunities and challenges in implementing evidence-based programs, understand complexity in fidelity and adaptation, and consider evaluation and sustainability of evidence-based programs.

The Skills-building Suite was presented via 90-minute virtual sessions over three days, however an archive is available on the AMCHP website.

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