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20 hr Initial Sampling Technician Course (Part 1 of Inspector Course)


Contact information:

  • Iowa Lead Safety at (515) 331-1690

Additional Contact Information


A 20 hr Sampling Technician course that qualifies individuals to:

  • Perform visual inspections and clearance testing after interim controls.
  • Be responsible for conducting visual inspections and clearance inspections according to IDPH rules and regulations.
  • This course is in the first 20 hrs of the lead inspector/ risk assessor course. (see Inspector category for this course).
  • This course also meets the criteria to be eligible to instruct the RRP lead safe renovator course.
  • All lead professionals must submit an application for individual and firm certification with a $60.00 fee after completing course requirements.
  • To maintain current status all sampling technicians must reapply annually and take an 8 hr sampling tech refresher course every 3 years.