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40-Hr. Initial Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor Training Course


Contact information:

  • Iowa Lead Safety Training at (515) 331-1690

Additional Contact Information


A 40 hr Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor course that qualifies individuals to:

  • Perform inspections with an XRF, take paint and soil samples and perform clearance testing after abatement projects.
  • Be responsible for conducting lead inspections and clearance inspections according to IDPH rules and regulations.
  • This course is usually a 40 hour course with the first 20 hours of the course assigned to the certified Sampling Technician portion .(see Sampling Technician category for these courses). All 40 hours are required for the lead Inspector professionals. In addition a 3rd party exam, and an 8hr XRF course is required for Lead Inspector certification. All lead professionals must submit an application for individual and firm certification with a $60.00 fee after completing course requirements.

To maintain current status all lead inspectors must reapply annually and take a 16hr sampling tech/Lead inspector refresher course every 3 years.