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Protect Iowa Health - Get a Kit, Make a Plan, Be PREPARED!

Make a Kit

Simple steps you can take now to be prepared for a public health emergency.

In the face of emergencies, many people feel lost and helpless. This can be avoided by being prepared for emergency situations:

  • Make a plan
  • Assemble an emergency supply kit
  • Keep contact phone numbers on hand

Assemble an Emergency Supply Kit

Emergency supply kit

During or after an emergency, you won’t have time to search for supplies. An emergency supply kit contains the basic items you and your loved ones would need during a public health emergency. This should be prepared in advance!

Keep the kit where you can reach it quickly in case of an emergency-whether you remain at home or evacuate to a safe place. Place the kit in an easy-to-carry container like a trash container, backpack or duffel bag.