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Common Questions

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Quick Facts

Dissolvable tobacco is not the same as a quit aid, such as nicotine gum.

Since smokeless tobacco products aren’t burned, they are not covered by the Smokefree Air Act.

IDPH also answers questions about these products on our Prevent Iowa Youth Addiction Facebook page.

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Which products are covered by the term “smokeless” tobacco?

Any tobacco product that is not burned or lit is considered smokeless.

Can the new tobacco products be used to help me quit smoking?

IDPH does not recommend using these products to help you quit smoking. The U.S. Surgeon General’s 2010 Report on Tobacco found that smokeless tobacco represents significant health risks. It can lead to nicotine addiction and cancer. For clinical guidelines from the surgeon general on treating tobacco use, including approved nicotine replacement therapy, click here.

I thought the Smokefree Air Act covered all tobacco products on school grounds.

No, the Smokefree Air Act only covers tobacco that is lit or burned. Click here for the fact sheet on how the law applies to schools. Additional information is available at

Can I keep these products out of my community?

Most of Iowa’s 99 counties are served by community partnerships that help promote tobacco use prevention at the local level. This includes creating environments where tobacco or certain tobacco products are not allowed. Click here for an interactive map to find a partnership in your area. The Iowa Tobacco Prevention Alliance also has resources to keep your community tobacco free.

Where can I talk with others about smokeless and new tobacco products?

The Iowa Department of Public Health has launched a Facebook page where you can learn about these new products, contribute to the discussion, and connect with experts in tobacco use and addiction prevention.

I would like to quit using smokeless tobacco. Where can I get help?

Quitline Iowa can help. Our free services are for Iowans who want to quit all forms of tobacco, not just cigarettes. We can help you quit using chew, spitless and dissolvable tobacco. Just call 1-800-QUIT-NOW or click here.