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About Access to Recovery

What services are provided?

ATR - Iowa is a voucher-based system for clients to purchase recovery support services and substance abuse treatment. The services funded by ATR - Iowa vary greatly to allow successful recovery from substance abuse. Vouchers are available for services that previously have been barriers to clients seeking treatment and working through a program of recovery. Services include:

• Care Coordination • Life Skills Coaching
• Child Care • Co-Pays
• Drug Testing • Recovery Calls
• Recovery Peer Coaching • Sober Living Activities
• Spiritual Counseling • Supplemental Needs
• Integrated Therapy • Transportation

Services available to National Guard and Active Military include:

• Mental Health Therapy          • Substance Abuse Treatment

How do clients get involved?

Admission into ATR - Iowa requires that clients are screened for eligibility at a provider of Care Coordination. A list of Care Coordination providers is available by viewing the Provider Resource List. Once enrolled in the program, clients will work with an ATR provider of care coordination and, based on their needs and choices, be issued electronic vouchers to receive ATR covered services.

What is required of clients receiving ATR covered services?

ATR - Iowa clients must provide information that will be used to assess the effectiveness of the ATR program. Clients must be wiling to complete an informational interview five to 8 months after their intake into the program. Additionally, clients will work with their Care Coordinator to determine their need for services.

What is required of organizations that provide ATR covered services?

Contract requirements of provider organizations will depend on the type of organization. Providers of Care Coordination will play an active role in coordinating client services and reporting client data to SAMHSA. Organizations that provide clinical and recovery support services-such as child care providers, spiritual counseling providers, mental health centers, and transportation providers-will provide those services through an electronic voucher system.