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Substance Abuse Prevention

Prevention Through Mentoring Grant

This grant funds new or existing community youth mentoring programs that support the state's goals of primary prevention of use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Programs will follow the "Elements of Effective Practice" established by the National Mentoring Partnership.


  • To establish mentoring programs which promote relationship building and social skills development
  • To prevent alcohol, tobacco, or other drug use by Iowa youth
  • To promote use of the "Elements of Effective Practice" by youth mentoring programs
  • To encourage students to complete school.

Current funding period:

  • FY 2012-2015 with annual contracts supporting 9 agencies.

Information for contractors:

Database Builder information:

For more information:

Julie Hibben at (515) 725-7895

Debbie Synhorst at (515) 281-4404