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Radon Measurement Specialist Additional Information

Part B

Please submit the following with you application:

  1. Proof of successful completion of a training course (approved by this department) on radon/radon progeny measurements. A certificate of attendance is required.
  2. Proof of successful completion of an examination approved by this department. A letter from NEHA or NRSB showing a passing score for the radon measurement specialistexamination fulfills this requirement.
  3. Proof of two years of post-secondary education in architecture, natural science, engineering, or a related discipline. A college transcript must be included to fulfill this requirement, OR
    • A detailed resume stating two years of relevant professional work experience, such as conducting professional home inspections, the design and installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; or the design or construction of buildings; or closely related activities approved by the department. We also need to know the average amount of time worked per week, month, or year during each employment period, and the dates of employment from month to year. Proof of secondary education (such as, a college transcript) can be substituted for two of the three years of professional work experience. If you wish to substitute education for experience please submit a copy of your college transcripts. If you are using work experience, a resume with the actual amount of time spent in building construction and other professional trade qualifications, and copies of various certificates for all accreditations must be submitted.
    • A combination of professional work experience and post-secondary education may be used to fulfill this requirement on a year-for-year basis.
  4. A Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) plan for all measurement devices and equipment. If charcoal devices are used, the names and addresses of the Iowa certified laboratories must be included. If a continuous radon monitor is used, the name of the manufacture, model, and picture of the device must be included. The manufacture of any device used must have EPA or other national agency approval to show the device has been approved for measuring radon. If you are utilizing a continuous radon monitor (CRM) in Iowa the frequency of calibration is 12-months, and your QA/QC plan must reflect this requirement. Crosscheck measurements must also be performed on ten percent of the measurements performed each month (or on one out of ten tests performed), and may be performed by utilizing a recently calibrated CRM for at least 48 hour or another device from a certified Iowa laboratory that you must indicate. All QA/QC plans must include copies or examples of calibration, crosscheck, and chain-of-custody logs along with detailed storage, and tracking information. Only charcoal canisters from Iowa Certified Radon Laboratories and continuous radon monitors that are calibrated annually and approved by the Iowa Radon Program will be allowed to perform radon measurements. All QA/QC checks must be performed according to EPA 402-R-92-004 July 92 "Indoor Radon and Radon Decay Product Measurement Device Protocols" and EPA 402-92-003 May 93 "Protocols for Radon and Radon Decay Product Measurements in Homes." If you utilize devices for performing crosschecks from a certified laboratory the name and address of the certified laboratory must also be included.
  5. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Standard Operating Procedures must include information concerning the placement and pickup of devices used, who performs the tests, and what measures will be used to ensure all tests were in conformance with EPA protocols and procedures. Also, please include a signed blanket statement that all EPA radon measurement guidelines and protocols will be followed.
  6. A signed statement that you will submit radon test results every 30 days to the radon program within IDPH. The radon test results will be submitted on a form, a diskette, or through e-mail in a manner that is approved by the department. Radon measurements conducted for the purpose of QA/QC should not be submitted unless they are also part of the actual radon test result that is being reported for a building.
  7. A signed statement that you will keep all records for a minimum of 5 years after the radon test is completed. Also, include a waiver statement regarding the reporting of results to the customer as outlined in Chapter 136B.2 of the Code of Iowa.
  8. A signed statement that you will submit any changes in procedures within 14 days to IDPH, and that you will acquire at least 8 hours of continuing education credits every two years before your certification is renewed (note: all certifications are renewed annually).
  9. A "Confidentiality Waiver" regarding the reporting of results to the customer as outlined in Chapter 136B.2 of the Code of Iowa for the homeowner to sign so the results can be given to the purchaser of a property. A copy of the waiver, along with a statement about having it signed, and how the result is reported to your customer during a real-estate transaction must be included. In order to release radon test results to a buyer a waiver must be signed by the owner or person in charge of selling the home. A statement regarding this can be inserted within a closed-house condition statement.
  10. You must also submit a statement that no one except the certified person named on the application will perform (place and pick-up) any radon tests in Iowa.