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Resources for Bureau of Family Health Grantees

Program management:

Project Management Tools - These tools are provided to assist agencies in carrying out the requirements of the Maternal and Child Health services contracts with the Iowa Department of Public Health. The project management tools are located on a password-protected Web site.

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Maternal and Child Health Administrative Manual

This manual has been developed as a guide and reference for implementation of the Maternal and Child Health services contract with the Iowa Department of Public Health. However, the manual may be helpful to others interested in systems development or other maternal and child health activities.

Click here to view the manual (4th Edition)  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Child and Adolescent Reporting System (CAReS) and Women’s Health Information System Manuals

The user’s manual for the Child and Adolescent Reporting System (CAReS) and the Women’s Health Information System have been developed as guides for data entry as required by the Maternal and Child Health services contract with the Iowa Department of Public Health. The CAReS manual is 3MB in size and may take a few minutes to open. The manuals can be saved on the local computer without opening by ‘right clicking’ on the link and selecting ‘save target as’ from the pop-up menu.

Child and Adolescent Reporting System Manual  Adobe Acrobat Logo

2013 CAReS Training

EPSDT Care for Kids Informing and Care Coordination Handbook  Adobe Acrobat Logo

  • The EPSDT Care for Kids Informing and Care Coordination Handbook assists Title V Child Health agencies and their subcontractors in implementing EPSDT Care for Kids informing and care coordination services.

DHS Policy Manuals

  • The Iowa Medicaid Provider Manuals for Maternal Health Centers and Screening Centers contain basic information concerning Iowa’s Medical Assistance Program (Medicaid). All providers of health agencies enrolled as a Medicaid Maternal Health Center and/or Screening Center use these manuals. They contain information on services, policies, procedures, and billing for these Medicaid programs.

Brochure Order Form  Adobe Acrobat Logo

  • This order form is used for placing requests for brochures distributed through ISU Extension. Information is provided through the Healthy Families Line.

Resource from WHIS Database Revision IDPH MH Program - December 2014

Women’s Health Information System Manual (WHIS)  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Screening for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea

Screening for Adolescent Depression

Domestic Violence Screening Training and Resources

Caregiver Depression Screening Training (CDST)

Iowa Health and Wellness Plan (IHaWP) Training and Resources

Other Links of Interest:

2010 Iowa Child and Family Household Health Survey

The 2010 Iowa Child and Family Household Health Survey (IHHS) is a comprehensive, statewide effort to evaluate the health status, access to health care, and social environment of children and families in Iowa. The first IHHS was conducted in 2000, the second in 2005, and the most recent in 2010. The survey instrument for the 2010 IHHS can be found below.

For more information, resources, and video presentations on the Iowa Child and Family Household Health Survey, click here.

Additional Resources

2014 MCH/FP Fall Seminar Presentations and Resources

Tuesday, October 14 Presentations

  • Service Note Review Changes- Kelly Haase, Bureau of Family Health
  • HIPAA - Do's, Don'ts and He did What?!? - JoEllen Whitney, Davis Brown Law Firm
  • Child Health lunch breakout - CH staff
  • Best Practice Roundtables
    1. MPEP Doesn't Stand for "Making Presumptive Eligibility Painful": Successes and Lessons Learned on PE - IDPH
    2. Care Coordination Approaches - Scott County Health Department
    3. Building a Strong Community: A Collaborative Effort in Outreach - Hawkeye Area Community Action Program, Inc.
    4. Listening Visits - American Home Finding Association
    5. Oral Health Promotions and Partnerships - Marion County Public Health
    6. Oral Health for Maternal Health Clients - American Home Finding Association
    7. Adolescent Health - Mid Iowa Community Action, Washington County Public Health
    8. Considering Culture When Service the Burmese Community - Visiting Nurse Services of Iowa
    9. HIPAA Follow-Up - JoEllen Whitney, Kelsey Knutson
    10. STI Education and Risk Reduction for MCH Providers - IDPH, Allen Women's Health
    11. Using Data to Monitor Program Performance - IDPH
  • Health Care Reform Panel
  • Managing Secondary Traumatic Stress: Extending the shelf life of those who work with trauma - Brenda Bash

Wednesday, October 15 Presentations