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About 40,000 new babies are born in Iowa each year. Of these, approximately 120 will be diagnosed with hearing loss. Screening your baby's hearing is very important, even if your family has no history of hearing problems. In fact, most babies born with hearing loss are born to parents with normal hearing. If identification does not happen until after six months of age, the child's language skills at age 3 will be about half of a child with normal hearing.

This page was created for parents to serve as a guide to learn more about newborn hearing screening, diagnosis of hearing loss in a child, and resources that available to help your child and family.

Hearing Aids and Audiological Services Funding

Newborn Hearing Screening Questions

  • Loss and Found - What to do if your baby didn't pass the newborn hearing screening.

A Sound Beginning for Your Newborn Baby

Brochure of the Iowa Early Detection and Intervention System
Printed copies of the brochure may be requested from:
Tammy O'Hollearn
Iowa EHDI Coordinator
Phone:(515) 242-5639
(800) 383-3826
Fax:(515) 242-6013

A Sound Beginning Brochure - English  Adobe Acrobat Logo

A Sound Beginning Brochure - Spanish  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Hearing Checklist  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Hearing Loss Symptoms Widget

Risk Factors Associated with Childhood Hearing Loss  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Iowa Hearing Health Care Directory  Adobe Acrobat Logo

This directory is intended to serve as a resource for parents and professionals in locating a variety of pediatric audiology and hearing aid dispensing providers throughout Iowa. Audiologists, hearing aid dispensers, and ear, nose, and throat doctors were invited to be listed in this directory. All providers who responded and provide pediatric hearing health care services to children have been included in this directory.

List of Audiology Centers in Iowa and Bordering States  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Diagnosis of Hearing Loss Questions

Iowa Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Family Resource Guide  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Iowa Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Family Resource Guide(Spanish)  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Printed copies of the resource guide may be requested from:
Tammy O'Hollearn
Iowa EHDI Coordinator
Phone:(515) 242-5639 or (800) 383-3826
Fax:(515) 242-6013

Guide developed by parents and professionals in Iowa to serve as a first step in the journey toward understanding child's hearing loss and the resources available for your child and family.

Guide By Your Side

GBYS is a family support program for Iowa families who have an infant or toddler who has a hearing loss.


Link to local, state and national Web sites, and other resources you may find useful.

Iowa EHDI News

Quarterly newsletter put out by Iowa's Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program.

Web Links

Disclaimer: The following list of Web links is not exhaustive, but a place to begin for those interested in learning more about early hearing detection and intervention programs, hearing loss, and family support. Each Web site below provides additional resources.

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