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Iowa has some of the best schools and some of the most academically-accomplished students. The evidence is clear that adequate levels of physical activity and proper nutrition play a role in a student's success. The resources listed here will help you in your efforts to keep students healthy and ready to learn.

School Wellness Community Guide

An integrated school, parent, and community approach can enhance the health and well-being of Iowa students. Iowa Team Nutrition and Iowa Partners: Action for Healthy Kids have partnered to develop this guide to identify specific strategies and action that schools can take to increase community engagement in school wellness activities.

School Nurse Toolkit

The School Nurse Toolkit (Dec. 2011) is a resource to assist school nurses with applying effective strategies in their daily professional activities. The tool kit provides information based on feedback from school nurses. The School Nurse Toolkit provides information to implement a broad range of motivational interview strategies, including ways to initiate conversations with students and continue to make a difference in the health of students. View or download the toolkit here.  Adobe Acrobat Logo

Safe Routes to School

Walking Works for Schools

Walking is a form of exercise accessible to just about everybody. It's safe, simple and doesn't require practice. Walking is free, easy to fit into daily life, and can be a great form of transportation. Use this resource to organize a walking club or walk-to-school program at your school that will energize the entire community!

Walking with a Purpose for Schools

Walking with a Purpose for Schools is now available to help schools and children identify ways that their route to school could be more walkable. The tool gives ideas on where to complete the assessment, community members to invite to the assessment, a walkability checklist, discussion questions, what to do after the walk, potential class projects to consider, and resources.

School Fundraiser - Go Local, Get Green  Adobe Acrobat Logo