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A Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG), which is a cooperative agreement with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP), in the amount of $2.135 million per year for five years was awarded to the State of Iowa through the Iowa Department of Public Health in July of 2009. SAMHSA CSAP unveiled the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) in 2004. It combines a community-based approach with a public health approach to prevention, and offers a series of guiding principles that can be utilized at the federal, state/tribal and community levels.

To date, CSAP has funded SPF SIGs to more than 51 states, territories, and tribal nations. States receive approximately $2.3 million per year for five years with smaller grants for territories and tribal nations. In addition, each state must disseminate 85% of those dollars to sub-state communities.


The purpose of the SPF SIG program is to provide funding to states, federally recognized tribes and U.S. territories in order to:

  • Prevent the onset and reduce the progression of substance abuse, including childhood and underage drinking;
  • Reduce substance abuse-related problems; and
  • Build prevention capacity and infrastructure at the state, tribal, territorial and community-levels

Required Components

There are several required components to the SPF SIG including:

  • Support the continued work of the State Epidemiological Workgroup
  • Establish a SPF SIG Advisory Council
  • Utilize data driven planning to set state/local priorities
  • Implement evidence-based programs, policies and practices at the local level
  • Focus on outcome-based prevention