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General Rules for Using Your WIC Check (English)

Video Transcript

Let's review some general rules for using WIC checks.

You can only buy the foods that are listed on the front of the check.

These are foods approved by the Iowa Department of Public Health for inclusion in the WIC program, no substitutions allowed.

You do not need to buy all the foods that are listed on the check.

You will never receive any change or cash back after using a WIC check.

You must sign the check after completing the transaction.

The signature on the check must match one of the signatures on the WIC identification folder.

When you checkout give the clerk the WIC identification folder and the checks you are using.

Tell the clerk you are using WIC checks before the process begins then you and the clerk will check that you are not using them too early and at the expiration date has not passed

Separate the WIC foods from any other groceries you are purchasing.

Each WIC check is processed separately.

The clerk will make sure that all items are WIC approved by checking the food flyer.

Some stores also have WIC items flagged in their scanning systems.

Either you or the store clerk may right in the amount of the sale.

Both you and the store clerk are responsible for ensuring that the amount on the check matches the totals for the food you bought.

After checking that the amount of the sale is correct sign the check.

The signature on the check must match one of the signatures on the WIC identification folder.

After completing the transaction the clerk may write WIC on the back of the receipt and give it to you.

WIC items may not be returned for cash for exchange for other items.

Remember cash can never be exchanged for a WIC check.

There will be no change returned to you after using a WIC check.

If you use more than one WIC check simply repeat the process.

If you are buying some non-WIC items that transaction must be rung up separately.

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