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A Review of Your WIC Check (English)

Video Transcript

The WIC check provides important information for you and for the store clerk.

Let's review the information on the WIC check.

Across the top of the check is the name of the person for whom the check is written.

It could be either a woman or child.

The person signing the check might not be the same person named on the top of the check.

The fruits that can be bought with the check are listed on the front.

Note that the quantity allowed is indicated to the left of the food.

The food description may be very specific to an item

For example, one dozen eggs leaves little doubt about what can be purchased.

However some food descriptions need more clarification.

For example, the number to the left of cereal is the number ounces that can be purchased.

Check the WIC food flyer to determine which foods are allowed in WIC.

In the upper right hand corner are the first and last valid dates of use.

The check can be used anytime after 12:01 a.m. on the first day of use, up until midnight on the last day of use.

The total dollar amount for the food items on a check is written in this box on the right hand side.

Either you or the store clerk can write in the amount, but you should not sign the check until you have determined that this is the exact amount of the purchase.

In the lower right hand corner is a place for the signature of the person using the check.

The signature must match one of the signatures on the WIC identification folder.

All participants must also present their WIC identification folder with the check.

The ID folder has signatures of all persons authorized to use the check.

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